Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rozi's Needlework Giveaway!!!


yea!! mari join giveaway lagik...kali ni di anjur kn oleh cik puan rozi : D : D
adiah nye ade lah spt di bawah:

uuu..charm pack yg mmg charming :D best nyer kalo dpt nih..tapi bukan la kasik sume, kne le pilih salah 1..sila jgn tamak yer..
mari lihat T&C nyer - kopi pes sudehh

How to enter the giveaway? You have to do ALL of these:

  1. Follow my blog. Become my follower. Add yourself in my list of friends/follower. My friends who are already following my blog, must do the other two things in order to qualify for this giveaway.
  2. Enter a comment under this post. Tell me which prize do you want and what you plan to do with it. I'll judge the best entry as the winner for this giveaway. No language restriction. Bahasa Melayu, English, Javanese, etc. 
  3. Put a post in your blog with the picture of the prize you wish to get and link my blog.

Closing date: 31 March 2010

 & jika di takdir kn haku menang, haku nk charm pack no 5 - charm pack no 5 x sompek di tepek oleh puan penganjur..huhu...

& jika di takdir kn haku menang,pack tu akan ku bukak dlu ngn mata yg terbeliak eksaited sbb shantekss, amik2 mood rs texture dier dlu, pstu br pk nk bt ape ngn bnd2 tuh :d  :D :D

& jika haku menang, dh tentu2 aku akn cube bt sumthing yg bermanfaat, menarik & kretip..jgn di sia2 kn pemberian org, apetah lg pemberian yg shanteksss cam charm pack tuh...ngeeee!!!

baek la..sekian entry menyerta kn diri dlm giveaway cik puan rozi...ade rejeki ku, maka charm pack tu jdik la milik haku, aminnn...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D

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